Monday, February 27, 2017


Jan. 23

WE HIKED A VOLCANO TODAYYYYYY. It was incredibly steep and I died but it was so much fun!! Here's a bunch of picures and you can check out the folder of Hna. Vazquez for more pics and for the pictures of our baptism of Lidia last weeek!! LOVe you ALLL​

Really cool thing we get to do - We have two little kids whose mom can't get baptized for legal marriage issues, but goes to church every week and has been attending for like 3 years. We got special permission to baptize them if they read 3 Nefi 11-28 and write summaries for every chapter. We have read with them every night this week and it is literally my favorite part of the day. 3 NEFI 17:21 has kind of been a theme in my mind this week. Jesus loves the little children (and the crazy teenagers) but we need to become like them so one day the smile of Christ will rest on us. And we need to love the children as well. Thanks for the ideas for ward activities! Hopefully we can work in some of them. Hopefully you can see all the pictures I shared becasue they are sweet.

LOVE YOU ALL with a love that seriously is hard to contain sometimes lol.


This is Waleska. She's gonna get baptized feb 18 and I feel like she is my best friend from the pre-earth life. The Lord really does prepare people for us to teach, specific people for specific companionships. (picture problems-none to attach :( )

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