Monday, February 27, 2017

One Question

Feb. 6
ADOLFO Y JEFFERSON got baptized!!! AND I MADE BROWNIESSSS because i miss brownies and i wanted to share this amazing thing with everyone here who had never tried them. they loved them, to say the least(; im a great cook.. It took fiveever, partly because people here dont understand how to be on time to anythingggg, and partly becauase Satan was working really hard so that these two amazing young men wouldnt receive this saving ordinance by the right power and authority. But it happened! And they were confirmed and recieved the Holy Ghost yesterday and we are so excited for them.

This week the senor couple of our mission, the Oylers, visitied us and checked our apartment and gave us more candy because for some reason everyone here is determined to make us all fat, and then they asked if they could help with anything. We had an ''appointment'' with an eternal investigator who knows a lot about the church just cant get baptized because of her marriage situation. But we had planned to teach the Restoration again as a review and asked the Oylers if they wanted to come with us. Elder Oyler speaks a little spanish or is trying to remember from his mission and sister Oyler doesnt speak any, but they said yes and it was so cool!! It was the first lesson they had gone to with any missionaries although they visit all of them, and elder Oyler taught about prophets and shared his testimony of living day prophets and it was powerful, even though it was in very simple spanish.. makes me think of someone i know... haha me..
Later that day, the oylers took us out to Pizza cause they love the sisters the best and it was so fun!! And elder Oyler fell off his chair haha..

Im getting a new companion tomorrow!! Im so scared and need as many prayers as possible to be able to remember where all the memebers and investigators and everyone lives beacuse im still struggling with the streets.. LOL the struggle of my life. and I have to lead and direct this entire area and }plan where we're going to go and im way nervous. But this life is about change and being happy so of couse thats what we're gonna do!

the title: In our meeting last weeek with president, he asked us to ask ouir investigators one question:
IF the Savior was here with us tonight, and you could ask him one question, what would you ask him?

I still havent thought of my answer, but it really makes you wonder what you need to do or change in your life. In the mish we are focusing a ton on daily repentance. Everyone can agree that we all make mistakes every single day, a ton of times. When we realize that we are wholly dependent on our Savior and his atoning sacrifice, our love for Him motivates us to repent, or in other words, to change, to improve, to become better people, better family members, better friends. His atonement is not just for sinners (though we all are sinners and need it) it is also for good people trying hard to be better.

Mosiah 4:2-3
Keep changing and improving and becoming!!!
Hermana Townsend

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