Monday, February 27, 2017

Alma 30:44

Jan. 30


Guatemala is amazing! I am still alive. We hiked a volcano last week and it was incredible. Alma 30:44 there is truly a God in heaven who loves each and every one of us and has created this beautiful earth for us to enjoy. So enjoy it! And be happy every single day!!

This week we have been reading a chapter of 3 nephi in the book of mormon. these chapters are when Christ visited the people of this continent and taught them, the same things, and more of what he taught in Jerusalem. We get to read every night with 2 little boys Adolfo and Jefferson who's mom can't get baptized for legal marriage issues but they have all attended the church faithfully for like 3 years. Our president said that the boys could get baptized if they read these chapters and wrote summaries of each one. It is literally my favorite part of the day and their testimonies are growing like crazy. Its amazing to watch, especially as we read about the savior and his plan for all of us. they are going to get baptized next Saturday and I seriously cant wait.

We also had another multizone conference this week!! We are sooo far from the capital that we always travel the night before and sleep in Jutiapa and then get up at like 3:30 to get to the capital by 7:15. MISSIOn life!! Gotta love it! But the conference was amazing. It was a worldwide training for missionaries and i learned so much about the need to apply the atonement in my life and truly teach repentance to these people so they can come unto the Savior and be free from all the burdens of sin. I know the Savior lives and loves each of us. His atonement is real. His power is real.
Keep being happy!! Choose repentance and be free from any tiny thing you have done. the Lord is always ready to receive us and he wants to bless us but will never obligate us to do anything.

Love you all!! 3 nehi 9:14
Hermana townsend

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