Monday, February 27, 2017


Feb. 13

Or Happy Valentine's Day!

What a great time we have to be able to show love to all those around us, and especially the love of Christ. I have been studying a whole lot this pure love of Christ - Charity. As Paul taught in 1 Corinthians 13 - if we dont have charity, we are nothing. As missionaries, if we dont love these people, we cant help them come unto christ. We have to sincerely love them and want the best for them. There is absolutely nothing we can do, no matter how many lessons we teach or how many times we tell them to pray or read the scriptures, if we dont love them, we can't help them progress and come unto Christ, who is waiting with arms outstretched.

As missionaries, our purpose is to help others come unto Christ, by helping them understand His restored Gospel and His doctrine. It is so simple. We need to help them understand the Love Christ has for each and every one of them. He loves us and that is why He is constantly waiting for all os us. it is never too late to come to him and let him heal you.

I love my new companion Hermana Rivera. We're gonna set Jalapa on fire!

Juan (or John) 14:15 - If you love me keep my commandments.

We all love Christ and need to develop that love for everyone else. LOVE YOU ALL! BE HAPPY!

Hermana Townsend

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