Monday, January 9, 2017

January 9
No group letter today, so here's some thoughts from her letters to family:

Oh how I miss brownies. The simple things in life. When I get home can we please make a whole bunch of brownies and naniamo bars? Or maybe not cause I'll be really fat...

I'm so glad you guys are still doing MTC hour. that helped me so much, just to have that time specifically set aside to study the scriptures, set goals, and review progress through journalling.. seriously is the mission. straight up. Mum, my testimony is so built on the book of mormon. I cannot express the amount of gratitude I have for that amazing book and the prophets who spent so much time writing it for us. Sometimes I feel like they were writing specifically to me. What an incredible privilege we have to read it every day.

Who knows, maybe my comp will push me off a mountain and I'll break a leg cause we were in the mountains a ton this week and it is so gorgeous. I might have to marry a Guatemalan and come back to live here in the mountains. My heart is so happy the whole time we are there and I always hate to leave.

We got new standards for how to count if our investigators are progressing and stuff like that and I honestly thing that it will help us so much to be able to have more strong converts that will be a blessing to the work. And it is so focused on the Book of Mormon and helping people gain a testimony of that amazing book and I am so EXCITED!!
Yikes!! So sad to hear about Kelsey and Breckon and wow, Satan is working hard..

I was reading this morning in Alma 51:31 which is now one of my fav escrituras - Each and every one of us needs to be STRONG and SKILLFUL in the ways of the Lord. There is no replacement and no one can study your scriptures for you. When we're at the battlefront (every single day) I want to be so strong and skillful that Satan and all his numerous hosts will be met with utmost disappointment.

Standard of truth, eh? Don't know if I've even heard that, I would love it if you could send it! And I'll find a way to print it out lol. We had a baptismal interview this week with LIDIA who we have both come to adore and love, but she had some issues with question 4. President is coming to give us our interviews on Friday and he's gonna interview her too. I was struck again at the power of the priesthood and the authority even the DLs have that people confide in them and trust them to be able to help them solve their problems and improve their lives. We are 18-21 yr olds and these people with so much more experience trust us because we are set apart as the Lord's personal representatives. SO COOL. Also Alma 51:31 is now one of my fav escrituras. LOVE YOU THANK YOU FOR THE DOCTRINAL DISCUSSION I NEED IT AND LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!

Hna Townsend​

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